Friday, February 19, 2016

How our services run

At the previously mentioned home group meeting, we talked about our service practice; I thought it was too perfunctory, although coming from a 'high' Anglican past, almost anything would be!
Still, our pattern of:
  • "Hi"
  • song
  • announcements
  • children leave
  • offering
  • song
  • prayer
  • Bible reading
  • sermon
  • song
  • benediction
not work for me.
  1. Call to prayer: Bible verse
  2. Song - contemporary
  3. Opening prayer (brief)
  4. Lord's prayer or Apostles creed, modified to skip 'descended into hell'
  5. Hymn - classic/historic
  6. Psalm, read, possible responsively, during which the offering
  7. Bible reading 1
  8. Pastoral prayer (could be two shorter prayers: one for missions, one local)
  9. Bible reading 2 (or communion)
  10. Sermon
  11. Song or Hymn
  12. Benediction: Bible passage
12 points is good: like the 12 apostles and tribes of Israel.

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