Saturday, March 19, 2016

Let's go evangelize

One of my children's church youth group held an 'evangelistic' meeting yesterday evening (a Friday evening).

The children were all told "it will be an evangelistic event, so invite your friends".

I used to have the same thing happen at youth group every so often. There was always just a touch of pressure to 'invite' your friends. I never did.

One reason I did not was that while I enjoyed youth group it was because I felt that I fitted in and I liked (some of) the people there; it was different to the rest of my social life, so why would I want that to intrude on a space where I felt relaxed and happy?

Moreover, objectively looking at youth group, a lot of what we did I thought was 'naff'. So was reluctant on that foot as well.

But the start of my reluctance as applying a big word to a kids thing. I barely knew what an 'evangelistic' event was. The only thing that it related to was 'the harangue' where ministers kept claiming that 'the Spirit is moving someone to come down the front and accept Christ.' which of course they never did!

How about just saying, we're having a BBQ next can invite your friends if you want...its free. They give the kids certainty that there will be a great program, so they won't be embarrased by what their friends are exposed too.

Language sets the scene, and using big complicated and unusual words does not a happy prospect make.

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