Sunday, September 24, 2017

That's all folks

That wasn't today's benediction at church, but it was darn close.

The conductor (also snr. pastor) introduced the sermon-speaker, then excused himself and left to attend the other service underway in our complex.

No problem with that.

The sermon ended in prayer, the precentors got up to sing, all fine. The song ended, and pause...pregnant pause...more pause.

The sermon-speaker then took the initiative, clearly had not be forewarned, and closed the service, but not knowing how.

A prayer (the only other prayer in the service had been pre and post sermon), awkward, 'that's all folks' type of ending.

Now, my church is averse to being accused of 'mere performance', but this was awkward, if not clumsy.

We don't need the superb polish of St James King Street, but we do need dignity, presence, and good organisation, so that all things are done properly and in good order.

Whatever else happens, a neat, biblical benediction itself can be encouraging, uplifting and hope-building.

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