Saturday, April 18, 2020

God's tough guys?

Angels. That's who!

Try this out, what one or two angels do:

Genesis 3:24 - a cherubim (really tough angel) with a flaming sword guarded Eden

Genesis 19 - toughed out the Sodom louts.

Exodus 23:20 - guarded Israel

Exodus 33:2 - one angel conquers the promised land

Numbers 22:23 - terrifies Balaam's donkey

Numbers 22: 31 - terrifies Balaam

Judges 6:16 - will defeat Midian

Judges 6:22 - terrifies Gideon

Judges 13:18 - even the angel's name is too powerful to be heard by Manoah

2 Samuel 24:16 - one prepares to destroy Jerusalem

2 Kings 19:35 - 185,000 man army destroyed

1 Chronicles 21:12ff - just one...bent on destroying Jerusalem

You get the picture. No wonder I get worried at Christmas when they say that angels will be in the pageant...scary stuff.

Just remember: we're on the same side.

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