Friday, November 20, 2020

Oh no, it's back!

In the 90s a couple of friends and I used to visit 'New Age' cults' promotional meetings. We would seek to engage the speaker during question time to de-legitimise their nonsense. On many occasions after the meetings we'd get to talk to others who had attended. We always pointed to the gospel and got varying distances along that trajectory.

It was a great experience and excellent for learning about our own beliefs and knowledge and how to communicate it.

One of the New Age junk teachings we came across was the 'enneagram'.

Mitchel Pacwa SJ wrote a useful piece on it in the Christian Research Journal in 1991. He also has a YouTube piece on the enneagram.

It's having a new outing, it seems, with Alica Childers doing a program on it, and Jay Medenwaldt writing a two-piece article on it. Part 2 is here.

It's a case of 'here we go again' defending the church against the narcissistic pandering of the New Age movement and its self-indulgent 'look at me' gnosticism.

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