Sunday, October 11, 2015

Surveying the Whole

Prior to purchasing Tom Schreiner's NT theology, (his web page) I read a couple of reviews.

Here's my review of the reviews:

1. Collin Hansen, in Christianity Today, relayed by Radical Discipleship.

In the U.S. they seem to like to pump up titles, and thus rendering them meaningless (that's why everyone is a 'leader', even in church circles). Hansen is entitled 'editor at large'. Now, in my understanding, an editor is one who has control over the content and style of a publication. The final authority for what gets printed. How does one have an 'editor at large'. Do they mean instead 'occasional contributor'?

Hansen then claims  that "...our Western culture distrusts metanarratives." Well, no? 'Our' Western culture does not 'distrust' metanarratives. Cultural critics, post modernists and deconstructivists claim to distrust metanarratives to plank up their own political position. Most people, however, seem to actually have a metanarrative, even if it is half-baked, semi-empty and uncritically embrassed.

2. Andy Naselli, on The Gospel Coalition.

A great relief to discover that Schreiner is perhaps (maybe, despite more recent contrary indicators) 'amellennialist' and NOT dispensationalist. Whew.

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