Monday, October 26, 2015

Up the front

Up the front of the auditorium that our church meets in (some people call the space 'the church') this greets the viewer:

From left to right:
  • the unadorned rear of an upright piano
  • the semi-unadorned rear of an electronic organ
  • a collection of music stands
  • empty chairs for when musicians are there
  • an un-used (sometimes) drum kit
  • an tall un-used stand, probably for a vase
  • empty microphone stands
Then across the stage:
  • music and microphone stands for the singers, when they are there
  • the lecturn
  • large projection screen behind (blank if not used)
and to the right:
  • a lone vase with flowers
  • an unfinished timber lid to the baptism tank.
But the visual dishevelment starts prior:

When one walks into the auditorium, one is faced with the large two-person audio-visual control desk. About one quarter of the congregation look into the very technical display.

Contrast this with the church auditorium below

Dignity and visual charm are not misplaced in our meeting spaces but are part of the building up of the community.

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