Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Same God?

Recently some US public Christians have claimed that Jehovah and Allah are the same person (God). Al Mohler has refuted this on his blog. A similar view at Reformation21.

There is more to say, however.

In brief; Mohler refers to the linear view of history. Islam has a view of history as arbitrary process; Christianity does not.

God is love in the Bible. In Islam God is despotic and calls for the death of the 'unbeliever' not his redemption.

[The acts against those who would oppose Israel in the promised land are not relevant, as the point is not unbelief per se, but untrammeled evil: consider the references to Moloch and Sodom].

Philosphically Islam's monotonic deity necessitates the world being framed in a rigid unity that is internally referent and intolerant of diversity; indeed, for which diversity is abhorrent. Thus Islam. The triune God within himself shows unity and fellowship in diversity; whence love.

The only way to certainty of salvation in Islam is martyrdom. In Christ it is faith!

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