Saturday, December 26, 2015

Who is God?

I was with family on Christmas day, as is proper; my wife's aunt related an incident, when her great grandchildren were looking at the sky at sunset after a particularly violent storm. It looked like a painting, she said. The children asked "Who painted it?" She replied (she is not a practicing Christian, or even overtly 'religious', as far as I know) "God."

As she related this to me, she told me that one of them replied "Who is God?". She told me in not so many words that she couldn't answer, but marveled at the thoughtfulness of the child.

How is it that the Church has not been able to convey God's self-identity to the world at large, even in a country with a Christian heritage?

The answer, of course, is that he is the one who made everything, and gave it to us to enjoy and to look after; in which jobs we have failed miserably. But he still loves us.

Some of my Anglican evangelical friends would have diverted to "Two Ways To Live" a proclamatory approach that has nothing to do with Paul's and is about as dreadful as "Four Spiritual Laws" for disengaged insurance sales.

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