Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Christian schools as an avoidance strategy

The Prime Minister was asked about children's exposure to sexualised education. He told the interviewer that he dealt with this by sending them to a Christian school.

Good idea! Retreat!

One reasons ordinary Christians have such little influence in public schools is because they are not there. They've left. They are hiding in Christian schools (and schools of dubious Christian credentials).

Here's the solution.

Send your kids to public schools. Join and be active in the P&C, even if it means scaling back your churchy work.

Start a Committee for School Support for each school, actively monitor curriculum, teacher activity, excursions, external educational visitors. Make sure the relevant teachers and principal know your views at every turn. Have a school prayer meeting weekly with related functions on at the school if possible, elsewhere if not. Keep up a PR storm through every medium available.

Make representations to local MPs and the relevant minister, Premier, leader of opposition and opposition education spokesperson. Don't accept either a 'no' or what salesmen call a 'yes objection.'

Write articles for parent/child magazines, local paper, national papers. Start a newsletter for your school committee and the Council of School Committees, which would be the collective voice of the local groups.

Then keep going. Unremitting.

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