Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dead or hell?

I was at an Anglican confirmation service which featured a few surprises:
  1. One of the confirmation candidates was a Hebrew scholar and university lecturer.
  2. I was surprised that R, who I'd known in another parish was a bishop...I had not hitherto connected R and the R I know had been a bishop. 
  3. We recited the new look Apostles' Creed.
The flash new creed

Some of the language I liked, some I didn't.

My favourite version is the Australian Anglican Prayer Book

The AAPB creed

On occassion, the Book of Common Prayer version suits; however, not often.

The BCP creed

All up, I dislike 'creator' instead of 'maker' in the second line; it seems to beckon an idealist theology; maker seems more direct, concrete and realist.

'was crucified, died, and was buried' seems odd, gramatically in the new version. Its all past perfect (completed action) and so, 'was crucified, [was] dead and [was] buried' is better.

And, let's keep 'holy catholic church' and not let the church of Rome get away with its self-conceived dominance. If we don't like the word 'catholic' let's say 'holy church universal'

'Decended into hell' is argued against on the basis of there being no scriptural warrant for this. Perhaps; but I can see the logic: Christ was forsaken by the Father and died. Where else did he go? OTOH, as God the Son, how could he be in 'hell' separated from God when he is God? 'Decended to the dead' does seem better.

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