Thursday, November 19, 2015

6 finger exercise

I've moved on from the 'five finger exercise' post to use a more biblical number: 6; the days of creation.
  1. Creation (Genesis 1-2)
  2. Crisis-confusion (Genesis 3-11)
  3. Covenant (Genesis 12-Malachi 4)
  4. Christ (Matthew-John)
  5. Church (Acts-Jude) and
  6. Consummation (Revelation)
I like it that the church gets a mention in the original mnemonic, so I keep it, and thus the clumsiness of step 2 'crisis-confusion' to keep the six points. I could have made it 7; with 'consummation aligned with the day of rest (see below: maybe I do prefer it). I think evangelicals forget, sometimes, the importance of the Church in the creator's economy. Christ died for his church, the church is his bride: so, highly significant.

The significance rings with me from my own days in 'high' Anglican churchly circles, where the church was given profound significance. The importance of church, in contrast to the more individualistic evangelical traditions, has stayed with me.

However, here's the 7; maybe a more scriptural number even than 6!
  1. Creation (Genesis 1-2)
  2. Crisis (Genesis 3)
  3. Confusion (Genesis 4-11)
  4. Covenant (Genesis 12-Malachi 4)
  5. Christ (Matthew-John)
  6. Church (Acts-Jude) and
  7. Consummation (Revelation)

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