Friday, November 27, 2015

Why study?

Browsing Ben Witherington's blog I saw a post (can't find it now, so apologies for no link), where a student of Witheringon asked  why he needed to study, and just couldn't get into the pulpit and let the Spirit speak through him.

Ben replied that the Spirit needed something to work with...this reminded me of people who think that intellectual or artistic inspiration just pops into one's mind when it comes from a richly furnished experience and deep knowledge of a field.

The questioner also misunderstood a bunch of things.

Firstly, a teacher in the church is not 'inspired by the Spirit' as were the prophets and apostles captured in the canon.

Secondly, Paul encourages us to study...

Thirdly, the 'creation mandate' teaches that we are to apply ourselves to the world in which we bear God's image: so we work, as God works. There are no easy roads to service.

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