Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just when is it mission?

A pal was given a handout outside Ashfield Presbyterian Church the other day. It was for a kid's feature film length cartoon that the church was screening for the public. Nothing to do with Christian faith or practice! He was told it was to 'make contact' with people.

What contact? Unless such an activity is an articulated part of a communications or 'contact' effort with an end result being church membership (real membership via regeneration), then it makes the church and its mission to be a triviality. Much like some churches that hit up people at street fairs by doing face-painting and making funny balloon shapes. Again, unless this is a vehicle for serious 'on-mission' connection, to engage people's minds, to discuss their world view and their private eschatology (where their true world view takes shape), then its laughable.

Maybe that's why the apostles never ran entertainments, face-painting stalls or jumble sales.

My church is running a 'flash mob' at a local market. That might or might not be great. How is it connected to mission. What is the linking methodology? Where is the connection with the gospel made. Where do we talk about fear of death? Where?

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