Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Don't go

The church that I attend is hopping on the 'social justice' bandwagon! I can't see the point. At best tokenistic, at worst a waste of time.
It's a good question though. Where and to what extent to we bring to the government's attention our disquiet with its actions?
In this case, I think that its going to be about the economic opportunists who want a free ride to Australia when they wouldn't otherwise come in.
Maybe the government's treatment of some needs to be improved, but also, maybe they should be having a lend of us so egregiously. The government's first job is to protect the state (which is why it has the sword...Romans mentions this).
This advert was in our church bulletin on Sunday. I don't know that I'll be saving the date or that the 'voices for justice' would be fully informed or just an ABC-TV type knee-jerk reaction.

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