Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The missing periodical

None of the periodicals in my list really hit the mark for me. L'Abri Footnotes and other occasional publications served some of my interests, Searching Together others, and On Being others those many years ago, but in a light way.

Something is missing.

With hundreds of millions of Christians in the world by some counts, surely there is the market for a Christian journal of substantial commentary and analysis that covers the spectrum of contemporary theological thought, opinion on the world around us, evangelism and church life. First Things is close. Christianity Today is nowhere near although its sister publication Books and Culture does get closer. My wife and I subscribed a few years ago and found it rather US-centric and more triumphalist than critical and so let it drop; but there's nothing like, say, Quadrant, American Scientist or The Atlantic. Thus no thoughtful critical and reasoned Christian voice that might obtain a wider readership.

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