Friday, June 12, 2015

Drifting off

I went to a meeting at work today, and thought that as the meeting (one of the meetings that we like to call 'workshops', entirely unrelated to light engineering, too) was unlikely to require much writing of me, I would just take my Ipad.

Well, as it happened the first event of the meeting was to fill in name and e-mail address on a piece of paper that was circulated. Darn. I didn't even have a pen and had to borrow one. Slight amusement to lender.

But the trouble with an Ipad is that during dull bits, one is tempted to browse the web. I did. I thought to look up Puritan names. As I was so doing, I heard the chairman (I'm not into this 'chair' bit) ask if I could speak to a point just raised. Happily she clarified just a little and I was able to handle the topic. Close one!

(This is a post about the Puritan names, just in case you are wondering).

Incidentally, the author of the Puritan names list blogs here and has more on Puritan names.

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