Tuesday, June 30, 2015


One thing missing at Revive15 was evaluation. At some conferences I've attended, we've been asked to evaluate each session. That was a bit much. One evaluation for the whole event is sufficient.

For a conference such as Revive15, that is, not work, professional or academic, I think the evaluation should be a light touch, but even so, people should have an opportunity to cover the main parts of the conference.

  • Timing
  • Content: main speaker/s, workshops (perhaps one line for each workshop)
  • Food
  • Duration
  • Music
  • Prayer
  • Compere
  • Video breaks
  • Venue
  • Wayfinding
  • Meeting people
  • Hospitality (did you feel welcomed, cared for, respected)

That should cover it.

All on a four point Likert scale, with a line for optional comment.

Then, of course, sex, age band, educational level and income band (because it indicates occupational attainment and therefore general capability).

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