Saturday, July 18, 2015

12 books - 2

More to add to my list of 12 great Christian books.

In my previous list I had 8 books by 7 authors, so I need to add four more books:

The fact that these books come easily to mind suggest their significance in my reading:

Hans Kung: Does God Exist? and On Being Christian
Frederick Dale Bruner: A Theology of the Holy Spirit
Donald Crowe: Creation without Compromise
There, that's 4. I was also impressed with Carl Henry's God Revelation and Authority, and plan to re-read day. I also have fond memories of  Helmut Thieleke's The Evangelical Faith (and plan to read Michael Bird's book of the similar name Evangelical Theology).

I know Kung has some aberrant ideas, but those books did fuel a lot of thought for me, and they were a breath of fresh air in the arid intellectual environment of the church I was in during my early 20s.

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