Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Guidance of Bullets

During my Internet peregrinations (name of a radio program I co-announced on 2SER-FM many years ago, incidentally and part of the first on-air team), I came across an article from the English Civil War period: The wonderful work of God in the guidance of bullets by Nehemiah Wallington.

There was a bit of 'God blessed our bullets, but not theirs', but I detect that Wallington's side also seemed to prepare well with appropriate selection of ammunition.

Before I read it, I was wondering if I would read somthing similar to the belief of some Afgan tribal fighters who just fired off their (modern Western invented, designed and manufactured) AK-47s in the belief that they didn't need to aim as Allah would guide the bullets. Good for them?

Happily not, although there is that tendency in Puritanism.

The tendency forgets a number of things: God created us in his image; therefore we have mind and will, and both are for use, or we insult our creator. God also issued to Adam the 'creation mandate' to subdue (have stewardship over -- it always tickles me that fish are first mentioned in the list in Genesis 1:28) the creation.

God also created us for fellowship, so we do both (think for ourselves and live in the creation) in company with him who also works all things together for our good.

'Subdue' before the fall cannot be bad, but would be congruent with the operation of will determined by love as governed the creation itself.

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