Thursday, July 2, 2015

Best books

I started listing out my 12 best Christian books a little while ago, then thought to see what Mr Google had on the topic.

Lots, as it happens.

Some lists of 100, from which one might extract a top 12, some talk about a 'top 10' but I prefer 12 as the creme de la creme as it is the number of apostles.

All the lists I saw included books I would exit from such lists: too popular (ephemeral or circumstantial), too narrow, as in protestants excluding great RC books,  or too catholic, including books that waste paper.

I was pleased, though, that I've read a number of the books listed, and even a number of my list of 7 appeared on the lists that the clever people had compiled.

Here are some that I found:

Church Times 100 best Christian books

Jeremy Myers best Christian books read

Top Ten Christian Books of all time

Christianity Today's top 50 that influenced evangelicals

Life in Grace blog top 10

Frank Viola's Best 100

9 Classic Christian books

10 books for a deeper faith

25 Christian classics from the Huffington Post (of all places)

50 great Christian books (too much Piper and Lewis for my taste)

10 books that every Christian should read (too many light weights)

Top 25 spriritual classics (again, a few too many modern light weights)

and, lastly, a list I didn't like at all being merely popular in my view, apart from two goodies at the end of the list:

10 Christian best sellers.

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