Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let's pray about this...

We've conducted our first prayer meeting. It was about 'social justice'. Well, that's fine, but it is also highly political. For some at our church, social justice means that the government should let all comers into our country by whatever means, and house them in the community.

This is not the job of government. In fact, our government has closed the corrupt and dangerous channel of boating across the ocean, which has lead to many deaths, many economic refugees, and an intake of criminals. Such arrivals also often destroy their papers to avoid their identity and origin being checked: not a good sign.

My very unpopular view is that the government  has done the right thing in closing a channel that was so unreliable for all concerned...except the smugglers, of course.

Worth noting that in the last 10 years we have taken in over 66,000 refuges: proper refugees, not criminals, thugs or thieves.

How should we help then: by helping the poor become productive, by encouraging governments to be uncorrupt. It took the west centuries to achieve this, and it was largely the influence of Christianity that achieved it...the answer is, then: missionaries.

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