Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adventure at Koorong

My adventure at Koorong where I had a 30% off voucher from a post-Christmas purchase: a couple of the books I had wanted were not in stock at that time and to avoid a wasted trip, I rang ahead to check stock today.

After a long recorded message telling me all sorts of uninteresting things a person spoke to me. She assured me that there was one copy of the book I wanted in the store I wanted to visit. I also looked on the web page; agreed. One copy.

I asked if it could be put aside for me...I didn't want to waste that trip! She assured me that she would ring the shop and ask them to do so.

An hour or so later I was in the store. Suspicious of all commercial undertakings, I first went to the shelves; sure enough, the book had not been put aside as I'd been informed would happen. I picked it up and a couple of others of interest. Imagine how cross I would have been if the book, not having been put aside, had been purchased by another.

At the counter I checked if the discount had been applied, and was advised that it only applied to one item. OK, I'll only take book X and gave the others back.

Time for lunch.

I headed to the in-store cafe and ordered my burger with HOT chilli sauce. After a short wait, it arrived, with the wait person telling me that my SWEET chilli sauce had been added. No, I firmly said. I had ordered HOT chilli sauce (I don't even know why sweet chilli sauce had been invented!). So, off she toddled to re-make my burger.

I finished reading the complimentary newspaper. I waited. I finished my cup of water (I don't drink fruit juice, sweet drinks, dairy based drinks, or shop coffee and I didn't want tea). I waited some more. That was handy practice, because I then had to wait some more again.

Burger and requested sauce arrived.


Keeping promises: NIL
Prompt service: NOT

Overall customer satisfaction: only because goods eventually delivered: 5/10.

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