Monday, January 4, 2016

Church move

Our first Sunday in temporary premises has passed hitch free.

While our building works are underway, we are meeting in the capacious Turramurra Uniting Church premises. They are so capacious that there will be three morning services simultaneously! Two of ours and one of theirs.

I'm looking forward to the combined morning teas after the services when we will all get to mix.

Maybe we'll pick up some Uniting Church ideas and they will pick up some Baptist ideas!

One thing I am very impressed about with the Uniting Church facilities is that the original building; over 100 years old, has foundation stones laid, not by denominational or even local church worthies, but my a number of 'ordinary' members. All women, and I guess, young women; its disappointing that (young) men are not also recognised as part of the church, after all: "neither male or female", but at least it is ordinary members: very Christian, and true to the Methodist roots.

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