Friday, January 1, 2016

Computer Bible

No, not the 'Mac Bible' but a Bible for my Macs.

In early days I used Mac Sword; not a bad program, but as freeware the developer was not able to reap the potential.

Because I've got a suite of suitable software on my Windows machine (Bibleworks, PC Study Bible and a few odds and ends) I've not worried about the Macs for a few years; but yesterday I saw a promotion by Olive Tree for a no cost set up: promotion to build users and future cash flow, of course; but fair enough. Suits them, suits me, and a nice package to use.

It comes with a few free books; some are value for money (that is: free=no value, I think of Matthew Henry's commentary on the whole Bible: I'd love it if I was a 17th century Calvinist, but I'm not), others more than. The ESV being in my mind on this point, great value.

Now I'm busy adding to the collection. Outlines. I'd really like an outline like Metzger's that clicks to the passage in view; a similar for NASB's titles would be good. I've compiled these myself in a text document, with permission to distribute at no cost for local study; but an organised 'table of contents' to Bible passages would be most helpful.

I plan to buy a few 'Greek for English speakers' references, and cross reference tools: TSK, Thompsons probably. I bought Mounce's dictionary. I have it in hard copy and useful it is.

Also: NASB with Strong's, ESV Study Bible; eventually a good modern Bible Dictionary and/or Encyclopaedia will complete the collection.

I don't go much on e-books, so will generally avoid.

A nice addition would be for Olive Tree to  offer a 'verse of the day' feature on logging in, or at a set time of day; just nice; that's all.

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