Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What to know: university

I've dealt with what to know for high school, as sought in my original 'what to know' post. Here's 'what to know' for a young person heading to university.

From the ground work laid up to high school, we move onto study of the peg-point books, or part books: Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, 1 Samuel, a minor prophet or two, Luke-Acts, Galatians and Revelation. A good 6 years work.

More work on theology and Biblical theological understanding, and on church history and apologetics. There would be new work on philosphical theology and general philosophy/world view studies (without the intimidating titles) as well as ethical thought (theological ethics and ethical epistemology, if you want the big words).

Where this would develop a point (as in spear point) for university would be discussion on major heresies historically and their modern day manifestations, and the major contenders for 'faith-attention': the 'new age' movement, Eastern religions, materialism and the assumptions that underpin these. Materialism, its outworking in evolutionary dogma and its twin of humanist 'political correctness' would deserve special treatment.

Introduction to major Christian authors would be part of this; and I don't mean the pop authors, but the theological heroes of the church as a whole; and OK, some 'pop' authors as well (CS Lewis, Chesterton, Stott, Schaeffer, Yancey).

It would be great if there were a text book that would support this curriculum, but I know of none!

During this period children should be introduced to using computer Bible software, and to developing church skills: speaking (debates, talks, presentations), organising (clubs, committees), and being involved in outreach and charity work, organised to match the maturity level of participants.

The educational delivery would be tuned to age: discussions, talks, work books, videos, excursions, reading. It would be designed to be interesting, fun and flexible, so that the range of abilities and interests would be accommodated.

Again, the vehicles: kids' church (with some cool name and format), youth group, religious education, day or weekends away (with family in early years, optionally without in later years).

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