Thursday, May 7, 2015

Holiday church #2

In my previous Holiday church post, my experience of NZ churches completely escaped me! Yikes, how could that happen?

A friend of mine, Dennis Parry, now with our Lord, had recently married a NZ woman, who offered to write ahead of my trip to NZ to set up some visits for me. In some cases this turned into being offered accommodation, which was rather sweet. With Joy's family in Wellington I attended their Brethren church in Lower Hutt (or was it Upper Hutt...Hutts are so confusing). Another nice crowd.

Dennis was one of the great influences in my Christian formation; he was quite a different fellow, being involved in the theatre was part of that, I suppose, as was his interest in antiques, on which basis is late 1880s home was a vertiable museum.

I met lots of interesting people through Dennis and Joy, and would have loved to stay in touch with some that I'd lost touch with, although I do stay in touch with one of her nieces who I met in NZ.

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