Monday, May 11, 2015

Holiday church #3

Last one, I promise.

A friend's parents offered a holiday at their home on the Qld Sunshine Coast; at Nambour, as I recall. They were a quite lovely older couple, still serving in ministry. I was very warmed by some of their practices: an evening devotion at meal time, and at breakfast a short Bible reading, and reading snippets from a Christian newspaper that I'd previously not heard of: New Life; and it's still going strong.

I'd previously met this couple when they ministered in Sydney's inner west. I  assisted them for a while in bus driving for their Sunday School...putting my then class C (now HR) license to good use!

The holiday itself was nice: I went by sleeper train, which I enjoyed enormously, but even nicer was being taken into their family routine.

Just for contrast, I read Gide's The Counterfeiters while I was there. I don't think that I understood it.

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