Sunday, May 31, 2015


This morning I was running late and would not be able to get to church at the start time...late is bad, and I hate being it. So a quick look on the web to see if any other nearby churches met at time that was realistic for me.

St John's, Gordon? Pity, it met at the time I couldn't make at my own church. 10 am would have been great. One good thing: I noted the times for evensong over the next few months.

What about St Martin's, Killara? I used to live near St Martins, and would have loved to attend as wife and I could have walked there...but we were already happy with St Alban's then, so no change.

I browsed the St Martin's web page...service time was good: 10 am, and close enough to drive down the hill to it. But...

They have a page on 'our leadership'! Not 'our ministry squad', or 'our staff', or anything remotely like a church, but 'our leadership'; just as though it's a business, and not even a good business but one where the SMT (senior management team) thinks that it owns the other people who work there, at least sociologically, if not practically.

Adults don't need 'leaders', they need information and resources. Churches don't have leaders, they have ministers, coordinators, administrators...terms either reflective of the New Testament, or reflective of its ethos in the church being sustained under the leadership of the Holy Spirit through the ministries of all members where we all encourage each other, even if unwittingly.

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