Saturday, May 16, 2015

Revive reflections

In the end, I found Revive far better in anticipation than experience. I was looking forward to it for some time, but my hopes were dashed.

How could it have been better?

A wag might say by having fewer Baptists there! It was too enclosing, I thought. A reflection of the size of the denomination, but also its less than catholic embrace of traditions and theological approaches (I mean 'catholic' as universal, not RC). There may also be a Baptist demographic that doesn't match mine.


General flow: I liked it, I liked the video clips at the start of the day. Overall it was polished.

Food: Revive put effort into the music, into selecting the speakers...but the food not so: why not? The pre-paid lunch was not value for money. If the menu had been advertised at the pay point (the website) I wouldn't have purchased. In fact the food generally was not great. Yesterday I had a sausage sandwich: much better in prospect than fact. For a few cents more decent bread could be used instead of the polystyrene horror that was served. Suggestion: outsource food to the Seventh Day Adventists, they have the touch.

Music: Polished and capable music squads, but all one style and dominating, attractive at first, but tiresome as it wore on. The stage lighting needs attention so as not to pick out the instruments left on stands while a speaker is at work. I do wish singers wouldn't embarrassingly stick a hand in the air. It looks like they're asking the conductor for a toilet break. There's something about huge staged music; it makes it look like the conference sessions are an addendum to a concert. This needs to be straightened out, seriously.

Timing: I think lunch should be shorter with 30 minutes for morning tea.

Prayer: Opportunity for structured prayer before the speaking sessions started would be great. If it were Anglican I'd like an abbreviated Morning Prayer...the Baptists need to take something from the church's past to touch the traditions of the broader faith.

Program: I know discipleship was the theme, but it can be more broadly couched. I've covered in my second Revive post some of the breadth that would be suitable.

Wayfinding: The route to every location within the venue needs to be clearly marked with big coloured direction signs. Yesterday I was roaming around lost until I could ask someone. There need to be helpers who are clearly identified: coloured overshirts with "ASK ME" would work. The person giving out pre-paid food was also a mystery...could have been anyone, this too should be clearly identified, as should the pick up location.

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