Thursday, May 14, 2015

Which Revive?

Which Revive 'workshops' [I know, the links will probably be short lived] do I think that I'll attend (like, I think it was Alexi Sayle, when 'workshop' is used outside light engineering, I get suspicious--I'd prefer 'forum' myself, but that ain't about to change anything)?

Friday: Making Disciples, Lifelong Faith, He Restores my Soul in the morning; Making Poverty Personal and Engaging Relationally in the afternoon.

I think I'll opt for Lifelong Faith in the morning. Making Disciples refers to 'current research on brain and behaviour'; I'm all for current research, but this sounds like the fake fresh insights that I'd expect on the ABC. He Restores my Soul has 'reflective worship'. I expect not worship as Paul teaches in Romans12:1, but worship as pop-US theology has it: swooning singing of low-content songs as though 'worship' is the same as Hollywood romantic movies.

Making Disciples would be great if it was firmly rooted in the Bible, the history of the church (after 2000 years somethings working), and engaged wisdom, although research can be useful to flush out folk nonsense.

Lifelong Faith looks good apart from that we will 'unpack the 10 key pillars...' If there are 10, then how 'key'? "Key" would be one. How many keys do you have to your front door? Anyway, I'm with Don Watson on the dulling ubiquity of 'key' in public language...sounds like a public service pamphlet. If there were alternatives, I'd not go to something that was going to 'unpack' anything. Discuss? And 'pillars'? Do I detect the borrowing of the way Islam frames its practices?

The afternoon: probably Engaging Relationally. The blurb is rich with buzz words and thus skinny on meaning, but it might be up to the mark.

Saturday: Seeing and Responding, Developing Leaders, My Work Matters and The Big Story of the Bible in the morning, and three more with blurbs that could have popped up in a management seminar in the afternoon. Gag me with a spoon!

I'll probably do Seeing and Responding in the morning, as I have contempt for the idea of 'leadership' in the church which seems to have displaced the biblical one of 'ministry'. I also avoid sessions that involve 'reflection', as it sounds disconnected. I'm undecided on the afternoon, but the one on Evangelism might be the go.

Disappointments: nothing on current moves in theology, critical social analysis, contemprorary criticism of Christian faith, counter faith movements, perspectives on Christian history, patterns and pressures on Christian belief....a pile of substantial topics there for the taking.

I'll be the one madly scribbling notes, like a reporter (I know we call them 'journalists' these days, but  'reporter' it is), so that I can report, like a reporter, on this here blog. For this I will use paper (a) because I've left my Ipad at the office and am on leave, and (b) for such things paper is better, although voice notes on Evernote could be useful.

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