Saturday, May 2, 2015

No sign of Christianity

One Stephen Morgan wrote linking various bad people with Christianity. A number of letters rebutted his assertion. He then batted it back, completely failing to understand Christianity's self definition as discipleship of Christ. This writer then caught him out:

In the circumstances, it was probably a better letter than the one I submitted:

"Stephen Morgan still misses the point. ETA, KKK and Hitler are not 'terrible representatives of Christianity'. They are not representatives at all.

Just because they operated in nations where a lot of people were or are Christian is of no import. Christianity is not a cultural posture, it is the religion of devotion to Jesus being the Son of God and creator.

Did Hitler read the Bible and pray daily? Did he seek a life of humble love of others? Did he repent of the wrong he did and thought? Did he attend his local church and seek to be instructed by the minister and his fellow believers? I think not. Thus he was not a Christian and in no way a representative of Christianity. The very thought is repugnant and insulting to Christians."

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