Thursday, May 28, 2015


In his article “The Absurd” (Journal of Philosophy 1971) the Princeton philosopher Thomas Nagel writes:
Admittedly, the usual form of service to a higher being is different from this. One is supposed to behold and partake of the glory of God, for example, in a way in which chickens do not share in the glory of coq au vin...People can come to feel, when they are part of something bigger, that it is part of them too. They worry less about what is peculiar to themselves, but identify enough with the larger enterprise to find their role in it fulfilling.
Its both more and less than this. We are not part of a 'larger enterprise' as disciples of Christ; we are part of his kingdom and connected to how things really are, so the satisfaction and life-perspective that we have are not derivative of anything, as though it is a second order phenomenon. If that thing itself was derivative then the connection would be futile; but it is not, it is basic. It is how things really are: they really are personal in Christ: not only our creator and redeemer; but intimately our brother by adoption. We are built into what is really real.

The whole article is worth a read, bearing in mind that Nagel makes the typical mistake of reading Christian theism from a materialist position, even if  unwittingly so.

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