Monday, May 25, 2015


After the church service most of us file out, shake the minister on hand duty's hand, then have morning tea.

I was talking to a fellow who was learning English, and said he was not a Christian, but wanted to learn to read the Bible in English, although he had an interlinear in his own tongue.

While we were talking, one of the part time workers, the one who had sermonised us, came up and started talking to Jake, I'll call my new friend. No matter that he and I were talking; no matter that I was there and alive; no matter anything. No "hello, I'm Rosie, I don't think we've met..." Nada! Just "hi Jake, how's it going" as if I didn't exit. Then a few sentences exchanged with Jake...not me, a brief glance at me, at last, and she was off.

Is that how we show to a non-Christian how Christian love works? No, not Christian love, but common courtesy?

Already in a dark mood for work reasons, looking for companionship at Church, the nicest experience was talking to a non-Christian, the unfriendly rudeness delivered by a paid Christian!

And we want our church to grow because its so loving, and we care for refugees.

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