Friday, May 15, 2015

Revive day 1: speakers

I've already mentioned the first speaker, but a little more. He spoke on Mark's theme of the Kingdom of God manifested in Yeshua's reversing the fall at every point through the narrative, upending our expectations of fallen patterns.

Des Ong spoke on discipling. He referred to 'brain science' as though the pop neurology that he brought to his cause was a meaningful contribution. Unmentioned was the materialist physicalism that underlies the contemporary quest to reductionistically resolve ethical behaviour into chemistry. It has echoes of old style mechanical determinism that evolutionism harbours. It was an amazing gaffe that this took ground in a Christian conference.

He also seemed to paint discipling as a short horizon activity, whereas in the biblical pattern it is a very long run occupation.

Alan Demond from Victoria spoke well on the 'ancient disciplines' of Christian faith: prayer, Bible reading and giving. He urged us to find someone to teach, spend six months and encourage them to do similarly. I liked it. I was much encouraged that Alan told us a couple of times that he 'served' a group of Christians, that he 'served' a local church. The cool ones would have said that they lead....they do not! The Holy Spirit leads.

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