Sunday, August 16, 2015


We went to the mountains the other day. My chln, not having seen snow, were keen to see it. At prayer the evening before we went, they prayed that they would see snow.

I held my doubt to myself given the weather forecast for not quite cold enough, a little to wet and no mention of snow in the area.

Next day. At our hotel: dark clouds wafted over and chln, looking out the window saw...snow! Bags of it, teeming in (if that's the word for snow), being blown in great squalls across our view, vision dropped to a few hundred metres. So, down to the forecourt to dance in the snow. It didn't hang around but the flakes plastered our coats.

So...God said "yes" to my little ones, and in bags! Pressed down...overflowing. How wonderful.

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