Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas gems

A few Christmas gems:

Let's hear it for peace on earth and daggy Christmas traditions.

Nice article by Caroline Overington in The Australian. Only its not 'peace on earth', but '...on earth peace among men with whom he is pleased.'

An article by Al Mohler on Oden's transformation from heretic hound to godly theologian...lifting the lid on the modern academy, IMO.

And, in our new building on time. The new bit is on the left. Next project: a non-scrappy auditorium: my wish list: no view of the backs of piano and fake organ: I'd prefer a baby grand was used; much more dignified (and would suit the space), no more prominent and ugly control desk confronting as soon as one enters the auditorium, and no more dull and disheveled front wall, platform and wings. I mean, let's make our space like we're considered, people concerned with the whole of the creation mandate.

Monday, December 5, 2016


An observation made last Sunday, interestingly drawing Exodus 20:4 against Genesis 1:26 and seeing how image/likeness is used between them. Perhaps a component of God forbidding images in relation to himself is that humanity bears the image of God; moreover, humanity in loving community. The false idol type image is in opposition to whom humanity is in relation to God and who God is in relation to humanity.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

God's in control

Great sermon this morning ended with a thorough de-bunking of the statement people make when a friend confides a distress...."It's OK; remember, God's in control." As though this would help.

As the minister pointed out, the pastoral effect is parlous: it is a conversation ender, it is discouraging, and in some ways demeaning. As though you're not a good enough Christian.

Now, he agreed that our Father will bring all things to the conclusion he wants, in the new creation. Christ, in his resurrection solved all long run problems. But the fatalism of the statement above has more to do with Islam than Christianity, and betrays a lack of understanding of the Creation Mandate in Genesis 1:26, and fails to deal with Luke 13:4.

Friday, December 2, 2016


John Adair on Leadership:

"...Leadership is the "raw material": the basic functional response to the three areas of need – the three circles [achieve the task, maintain the team, develop the individual] – in any working group or organisation. But the shape it takes varies according to the field. In the military, for example, the form it assumes is called command; in industry and commerce, it's known as management; and, in the church, it's proper name is ministry."

Not Bosses but Leaders 3ed p. 60

So let's get 'leadership' per se out of the church and restore ministry, noting how we live together in the church supporting each other in our lives of worship.