Monday, December 24, 2018

The throne in your life

I attended a Nine Lessons and Carols service at the Anglican church I had previously been an active member of for some years. Family and I attend usually around Christmas and Easter to stay in touch with old friends and to imbibe the traditions that we enjoy.

The sermon was one of the most polished presentations of the Anglican tract "Two Ways To Live". Trouble is, I don't think TWTL represents the Gospel! In fact, I think it so abbreviates it and misdirects it that it is wrong.

Is God on the throne of our life or are we? That's the nub of it.

But the nub of it is do we seek new life in relationship with our loving heavenly father, or do we reject his fellowship? Is life finally about love and relationship, or is it finally about me and material?

They are the questions that flow from the New Testament. Not who's on the 'throne'. Life control is an outcome of prior theological commitments.

Christianity writ large

Comments I made to an article by Greg Sheridan of The Australian on the place of Christmas:

The big story of Christianity in society: life is more than material, love has a point, the individual has inherent value, government does not define either society or life, and might is not right. Chuck it out and we inherit the inverse of those five themes.