Thursday, August 3, 2017

100 years!

Our church recently celebrated 100 years as a going concern.

We had an afternoon tea, cake cutting and immediately a dinner consisting of spit roast meats and an assortment of salads and vegetables...but you don't come here for cooking info.

I would have made a bit of a show of the evening, a couple of short speeches covering old and new, then some interesting entertainment of a decent sort; exerpts from Mozart's great mass in C-minor perhaps (to which I listen as I type this)??

The next day in our service all was well done...again no Mozart, but we're Baptist! Give us a break.

People were invited to pop up the front and share their reflections on the church's recent history, although we have one member of our congregation who was born before the church was commenced! She's still alert too, and turns up under her own steam!

One of the speakers reflected on the relationships with people (naturally, what else is there?) and looking forward to seeing them again...."if it's all true".

Yikes...did I miss something? The voice of one filled with the Spirit?

A later speaker reflected on the great 'teaching' over the years; she wasn't kidding either!

Still, the minister cannot control what people understand from sermons, Bible studies, their own reading, weekend seminars and retreats....ahhh....let's just stick with sermons; clearly the least effective means of communicating new information and producing attitude change.

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