Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Christian school: the mission

On the radio today I heard an advert for a Christian school. From what the advert said, I figured the mission of a 'Christian' school:
  1. Cut your children off from contact with those yet to hear the gospel
  2. Prevent your children from influencing those outside the church
  3. Stop you, the parents from getting to know, love and communicate the love of Christ to non-Christians
  4. Reinforce the misconception that Christians are afraid of the world
  5. Prevent opportunities for you to powerfully dispel misconceptions about Christ, his church and the world. 
  6. Allow you to avoid opportunities to join committees of influence in public schools.
 All round win-win for one's own self-indulgence.

I can see the competition Christian schools are mounting with the enclosed order of Poor Clares.

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