Friday, October 5, 2018

Throw him in jail!

A Christian in Canada has been recently arrested for making 'hate speech' (whatever that is). His crime was to distribute leaflets at a homosexual 'pride' march listing the medical risks of homosexual behaviour and seeking to proclaim the gospel. Not sure of how these leaflets read, but they included some political remarks as well.

It is deplorable that a person could be arrested and face jail for giving out leaflets. It is also a deplorable approach to evangelism.

Here's the paradigm he's using:
  1. first, make enemies
  2. second, criticise people's life choices
  3. third, throw in a dash of political invective
  4. fourth, wonder why it has no mission positive results.
Not how to proclaim the gospel at all.

Let's apply it to lying, or pushing in front of people in the bus queue, or pinching coins from the tip jar at a coffee shop.

I'll let you think about those scenarios.

So here's how it could really work.

Be a regular at 'gay' bars and coffee shops. Just sit there, be peaceful and make friends. Join people at their coffee or drink (have to be careful with alcohol tho, not only is it good talking water, but it serves as punch-up juice as well).

Get to know and be known. Have conversations. Don't judge people (not our job), but live out the gospel in their presence.

Under the Lord's hand I'm sure you will have conversations that alert people to the better life in Christ.

Handing out leaflets is likely to lead to no such conversations. They do not represent loving concern for the individual in his life-situation; they represent 'go away' tickets.

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