Monday, March 18, 2019

Come and join us

Marshall McLuhan is famous for his quip "the medium is the message."

Here's an example of how that plays out in church land:

Church is a circus; that's what we are told. Come and explore!


Face Painting, Balloon Art, Jumping Castles...!

And this would represent the work of our saviour?

Why not: join our course on 'life and its answers', or 'are we about dirt or love', or...check the New Age papers for ways of attracting people who want to deal with life questions...

Join our group of parents with disabled children...parents who've lost children...parents who's children are addicted...there are any number of opportunities to reach out!

Or, like the 'new age' philosphy groups;

'Love Life: a philosophy that will grow with you'.

Then teach the 'philosphy' of life that the Bible gives us; from Genesis to Revelation.

As it is, the sign will attract people who want to be entertained by trivilities...nothing like Paul on Mars Hill.

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