Sunday, April 14, 2019

Not about me

Tiring of the 'songs about me' of previous post, I attended a friend's church this morning.

At least the songs were better: more theological and not 'about me'. That was good.

Knowing the church, I'd expected more prayer and Bible-reading. I was sorely disappointed. The program below gives it away.

1. Welcome, but no Bible verse to orient us.
2. Kids' spot was OK, seeing it was a 'family' service (this generally means embarrasingly dumbed down, these days).
If it wasn't there I'd like this to be time for some interaction, a couple perhaps giving an ad hoc reflection on something.
3. But only one prayer and one Bible reading!
I would have preferred the double song segment to be split by the reading of another Bible passage.
4. Prayer could have been also improved: perhaps a short prayer at commencement could be added.
5. The 'message' was OK in a Moore College sort of way: I don't know how it is possible to train people to give one-dimensional, narrowly cast sermons distanced from the life-concerns of the faithful! But Moore seems to have the knack.
6. 'Sending out' was good: quote from a Bible verse.

The upshot: not coming back any time fast.

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