Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What about.....(what went on at the church planning meeting)

At a recent church planning meeting 'brainstorm' (i.e. no discussion allowed, only 'build on' ideas) the following ideas were floated, with varying degrees of murmured assent:

"why don't we do a 'welcome to country' [actually 'acknowledgement of country'] at our services...we do that at work..." ['acknowledgement of country is an anachronistic farce performed in countries once dogged by tribal occupation where the tribal occupiers are regarded as 'owners' in its modern conception]

> We don't do this because we don't need to ask anyone's permission to join as Christians to celebrate our faith together ('worship' as some term it). We particularly don't need to co-brand with a tribal anamist religion that thinks the ground is a spirit-place.
I would not salute the national flag, fly it on congregational property, recite the national anthem or turn to face a photo of the Queen in a congregational building; nor do I 'swear' on the Bible at court. Our Lord calls us to himself, not to share devotion with pagans, earthly powers or Queens.

"I've got a friend who works on outreach at Liberty Ministries...maybe we should look at an inclusive ministry for people who are same-sex attracted..."

"the city churches are right into this [SSA].. I think Christ Church [St Lawrence - I used to go there]...or something is involved, we should talk to them ..."
> Speaking of queens (attempted humour) while we would regard any person who is facing the challenge of same-sex attraction and its allied perversions (in the sense of 'distortion or corruption of the original course, meaning, or state of something"), as people made in the image of God, as we all are, and would seek to relate to them and represent Christ to them, knowing we all share the shackles of the fall, we must not buy into the  neo-marxist 'LGBTI' political agenda. This intends to marginalise and ultimately destroy the family and cripple its role in the propagation of the faith. Overt LGBTI agenda is to hyper-sexualise life and reduce everyone to a 'sexual identity' making sex their 'god' and subjugate the life of love (agape) to that of lust in its various forms.

"the xyz mosque has an open day...we should do that too...maybe we could go to visit the mosque..."
 If there's anything that embodies the persona of the anti-Christ it is Islam. It is a fake religion from beginning to end that seeks to capture by violent intimidation, subjugate and imprision people in a system of power and ideas that cuts them off from God who is love.

In the mind-set of Islam a church visiting a Mosque on its 'open-day' would be seen by the Imam as the capitulation of Christianity to Islam and further encourage their enslaving ambitions. We might go to debate, or get to know individual adherants, but we should be as wise as serpents when it comes to the Koran's threat of death to those who do not 'submit' to the moon god.

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