Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Outreach vs Indrag

 If we were concerned about 'outreach' as a church broadly, we would go out, like Paul who took to 'reasoning daily in the school of Tyrannus.' Acts 19:80-10.

How could we do likewise?

A few thoughts:

Every minister or other trained person would offer evening 'courses' for public interest in 'The True History of the Bible' or some similar provocative titles, or "History of Spirituality" to bring the course to the Christian conclusion, or "Ancient History Today" on the gospels and Acts: unique in Ancient history as unadorned historical accounts of events and experiences.

The idea is packaging biblical/gospel material in a manner that would have initial appeal to a wide audience.

Then for Christians.

There are many public 'course' offerings, non-award courses for general interest. The WEA and local evening colleges offer these. Something similar would be great of Christians who want to expand their knowledge but in manner beyond a local parish's capabiltiy but not at the level of a formal college.

Here in Sydney, courses offered in half a dozen venues across the metro area in biblical, historical and theological topices would be a wonderful injection into the development of the church and evangelism.

Then there's Christian cultural critique: studying film, literature and drama with a Christian lens, examining the worldview (and failings thereof) of great cinema, novels and plays.

Similar course on the works of Francis Schaeffer and C. S. Lewis would be an added element, enlarging the  perspective of Christians to engage in informed cultural criticism and discussion.


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