Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A different 5

A while ago I posted on Greg Koukl's neat summary of the story of reality.

You may remember it.

Just thinking of another angle, good for use as a quick explanation:

1. God

2. Man (you might need to say 'People' in a general audience)

3. Rejection (because this might start questions, and people can grasp this in their own lives)

4. Christ

5. Resurrection

Reality turns on the Rejection of God by People and is resolved by Christ in his and the general Resurrection.

But, there's a longer, 7 step elaboration:

God (creation)

Man (creature in God's image)

Rejection (by man of God for 'not-God')

Christ (God enters the life-world of man by his incarnation in Jesus of Nazareth)

Crucifixion (Christ ends the reign of death and sin to herald his kingdom)

Resurrection (in rising from death Christ shows he has overcome it and turning to him, and away from our rejection and its embrace of evil, we share in his victory)

New Creation (in our resurrection as Christ's people we share in his new creation, where all is made new as the old is obliterated).

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