Sunday, February 28, 2021

At breakneck speed

The Baptist Association in NSW-ACT has decided to have a 'target'! It is to grow by 2050 (yep the magic socialist year of salvation) from about 340 churches in membership to 1000!

Let's say they have 30 years. 1000-340 = 660, resolving to 22 new churches A YEAR!

Of course, they may be planning on logistic growth, OK for now, but in the outer years the pace would be unbelieveable: try a peak of about 80 churches a year in about 2035.

I wonder which they are planning for.

Reminds me of the Anglican's "Connect09" farce. That also ended with a whimper. Two actually. One for funds wasted, the other for impossible target not met.

OTOH, if the real target was to do something else, maybe they were happy to look like rank amateurs to the barely interested public while they achieved....?

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