Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Now, take the Bible...

At church the other evening we had a sermon on reading the Bible, and why its a Good Thing to so do.

Now, I'm fully on board with that whole idea.

The sermon, however, skirted a couple of notions that are androgogically important.

1. The Bible is the story of reality. Not 'story' as in invented (although some theologians seem to hold that it is), but story as in that's what happened. Not in detail, not exhaustively, but comprehensively for its purpose of etching the contours of our relationship with our Creator in the real time and space setting that he created for that relationship.

2. The Bible is a collection of the wildest literature written in astonishing circumstances about astonishing subjects and is the stand out literature of humanity. It includes profound work of clear geniuses: Moses and Paul spring to mind, that sidelines all but the greatest pagan works.

The 'story' at its human side, is enthralling, thought provoking, puzzling and intriguing.

You risk growing if you read it diligently: growing spiritually, intellectually and culturally. Growing in your humanity and in your spirituality: in your knowledge of God and your life in the light of that knowledge.

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