Sunday, July 25, 2021

Just what is a real church to do?

Despite all its rhetoric about marching to the beat of a different drummer, the Christian church seems to fall into line with the popular drummer as soon as it can. Yet, the public Christians should push back at every opportunity. The CV-19 fatality numbers and the demographic/morbidity profile of fatalities tells us that the great lockup is irrelevant. This virus is mainly harmless!

We are in a society where comfort, peace and wealth have given us an unwarranted fear of death!

The PM said on 15 March last year:
"the truth is that while many people will contract this virus that it’s clear, just as people get the flu each year, it is a more severe condition than the flu, but for the vast majority ... around 8 in 10 is our advice, it will be a mild illness and it will pass."

In fact, for the elderly the CFR is 0.03; for the under 60 it is 0.0008: next to nothing. Either way, the vast majority recover. On balance the government with its mad shut-downs are trampling down the natural source of well-being, with very adverse effects on the young and the aged, in our fellowship with each other.

All said, the basic point of the churches' resistance should be that people gather in communities, of whatever stripe, because we are made to socialise. We need each other, we need to mix, we need to talk to new people, It is essential! We need to meet and greet, we need to 'fellowship' in all sorts of ways at all sorts of levels.

Governments in their blind pursuit of good media coverage are striking at the heart of our humanity and this can only bring harm broadly, pervasively and unrelentingly. To children particularly, to young workers, to uni students, to casual workers, to small employers, to people who find work their main social contact. It is cruel, callous and destructive beyond belief; staggering in its one-eyed myopic view that life can be reduced to the hospital ward fantasies of the CMOs.

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