Thursday, December 16, 2021

Another silly atheist claim

Atheists, dutifully following Feuerbach sometimes claim that God the creator is merely (always the diminutive) a reflection of man. That is, we make god in our own image.

But no.

Let's look at what happens when men do make their gods (in this case) in their own image.

The ancients. Greek or Roman, it largely doesn't matter. Although while the Romans did useful things with the roads and so on (concrete, sewers, heated floors), the Greeks paid Plato to invent his mad philosophy of 'forms'.

So what are the ancient pagan gods like. Like men. They fight, squabble, deceive each other, are envious, grasping vindictive thugs. Exactly like men, but with the volume turned up.

This religion produced a bunch of philosophies that while scoring points for effort, did little to advance knowledge and produced a science that was still born. More of a curiosity than an endeavour. It supported paederasty, the degradation of women, the keeping of slaves.

We had to await the development of a mindset that sprang from the revelation of the creator God of the Christian scriptures for the universe to be admired, not as a mute given, but as a thing to be understood and 'governed'. Thus did modern science flower.

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